Nunzio's Pizza Academy


Come and learn how to create your own gourmet wood fired pizzas.

The course is made for everyone.

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Il Padrino Restaurant and Pizzeria

Phone: (61 8) 9227 9065
Fax: (61 8) 9228 9213

94 Aberdeen Street, Northbridge
Perth, Western Australia



The Course comes in two formats:

1 - Basic Course
2 - Professional Course

1 Basic Pizza Making Course

This course runs for four days, meeting every TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY and FRIDAY from 10am until 12pm.
There is a tuition fee of $350 plus GST.

This includes everything necessary for the making of various pizza dishes. When the course is completed you will receive a culinary certificate.

Daily Program:

Day One

Before you begin tips.
Proof the yeast.
Mix the dough.
Knead the dough.
Let it rise.
Punch it down.
Form it.
Spin it!

Day Two

Toppings preparation.
Traditional Italian toppings.
Prepare the pizza sauce.
Spread the sauce.
Decorate the pizza base.

Day Three

Wood fire ovens.
Prepare the oven.
Lighting the fire.
Oven techniques.

Day four

Using the 'Padella'.
Baking the pizza in the oven.
Cutting pizza.
Serving pizza.


2 Professional Pizza Making Course.

The profession course is made for the individual who wants to pursue a career in making fine pizza.
This course is run five days a week over one
month. There is the flexibility of two sessions:

10am - 3pm.
5pm - 10pm.

The graduate receives a professional pizza making certificate, an Il Padrino Caffe t-shirt and an Il Padrino CDrom.

The Course tuition fee is $5000 plus GST for the whole month.

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