Media Attention


The best pizzamaker in the world award

Nunzio and the pope.

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Nunzio's many letters of appreciation and certificates.

Scoop Magazine - The pizza king.

Who Magazine - Pizza the action.



Nunzio recieved the greatest pizza award in 2000.

Since then Nunzio and the il Padrino Caffe have got attention from

Scoop magazine.
Who Magazine - Sydney Olympic edition.
Perth express.


Attention from the italian media after Nunzio recieved the best pizza maker in the world award.


The Italian media who first gave Nunzio the name as 'The best pizzamaker in the world.

Nunzio getting interviewed outside the Scicilian Pizza Association after getting his award.

Article about nunzio being invited to the vatican to make pizza for the Pope.

Lord Mayor of Palermo, Italy. Leoluca Orlando.



Nunzio's cover page in Scoop magazine.

Nunzio with one of the Popes Cardinals at the Vatican.

The President of The Pizza Association of Scicily, Stephan Catalano.

Nunzio's Il Padrino Caffe, 94 Aberdeen St, Northbridge

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